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What is ROBLOX? The Popular Game Platform Powering Kids’ Imagination

If you have kids under 18 then there’s probably a good chance you will have heard of Roblox, a user generated game platform which boasts millions of players. Roblox don’t actually make games, the players do. And in doing so, there’s the opportunity to earn the virtual currency, Robux, from their efforts. This virtual currency can then be exchanged for dollars (yes, real money!).

And that’s why Roblox is making millionaires out of game developers, in some cases, teenage game developers. The good news is, anyone can learn how to scripting on Roblox and earn virtual and real money, even young teenagers.

Here’s the thing with Roblox. Anyone can make a game. If that game becomes popular and gets played a lot (e.g 50K concurrent players) then big money can be made.

But it’s not all about money of course. Roblox is platform when children can learn and build their own games and play them with their friends. They’re only limited by their imagination, so it allows kids to bring their creative ideas to life on screen.

Roblox began in 2006 and has now grown into a 300+ employee business estimated to be worth $2.4 billion. There have been investment rounds in the last couple of years to help grow and develop the platform further. There are over 60 million monthly players who play a whole variety of games to suit individual tastes, from destruction games to selling pizzas. Most games are free to play but some have been monetized by their developers by selling in-game upgrades or game passes for Robux, the virtual currency.

Roblox is popular amongst big YouTubers too such as DanTDM, EthanGamer and Denis. This only helps to popularize ROBLOX even further thanks to the millions of viewers who watch ROBLOX gameplay videos each month.

ROBLOX actively encourages users to become developers with guides on Lua, the scripting language used to script games. There’s an annual Roblox Developer Conference, held in the US and Europe where developers can attend to hear the latest strategy and news as well as meet other like minded developers. It helps to buddy up with other developers to share the workload of creating a new game. There’s also 3rd party Roblox scripting tutorial resources such as AlvinBLOX and Steady On – both have YouTube channels dedicated to educating beginners how to script on Roblox.

I have two teenage boys who are well into Roblox. One is keen on scripting while the other is more of a builder (of scenery, objects etc.). Between them, I’m hoping they can join forces to come up with the next big hit game. But if their game doesn’t make it big, the experience they will get by working collaboratively and to deadlines will prepare them well for the world of work later. That’s something they don’t teach too well in school.

Do you have a child that uses Roblox? Are they a player or budding game developer? Leave a comment below.…